Sirocco’s island-hopping tour 2014

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Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who made this year’s tour so much fun and such a great success. Our hosts on every island have been extremely generous and welcoming and our audiences as warm-hearted and enthusiastic as ever!

2014 is an exciting year for us as it marks the release of Sirocco’s first album La Danza. The idea for the new CD came about exactly one year ago when we set out from Cologne to Den Helder, Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling, hopping from island to island, each night playing to audiences buzzing with an infectious enthusiasm. As a musician it is pure joy when you feel as much energy coming back from the audience as you are putting into the music. We were blown away by the support and positive energy from these listeners and we sailed away inspired to set out on a CD project.

After a busy year of planning, recording and producing the album we were thrilled to return to the Frisian Islands this year with our brand new CD La Danza in tow. The concerts were again immense fun this year, with such fabulous listeners and beautiful spaces to perform in. We enjoyed making the most of the peaceful island life, busking on Texel, biking on Vlieland and paddling at the stunning shores of Terschelling.

Special thanks to Otto for such generous hosting and impressive organisation on Vlieland and in Kimswerd, to Yolanthe for attracting such a wonderful (full!) audience on Texel and to Mariane for luxury accommodation and such a blissfully tranquil garden in which we could recharge our batteries on Terschelling.

Thank you to all our island listeners of 2013 for the inspiration for La Danza and to those of 2014 for such energy and support. We were over the moon to see our CDs selling like wildfire on the album launch tour!

Dank jullie wel!


By Michaela Stapleton, 15th August 2014